Red Light District for DS iray


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Requirement: Daz Studio 4.8 / Iray engine

Zip: 28,8 MB



Finally an environment in line with your adult stories.
This set of shop fronts dedicated to adult entertainment will allow you to create a red light district neighborhood:
Club SM, video club XXX, porn press, swingers club, sex shop, striptease club, escorts club …

The set is configured for night or daytime rendering.
You have more than to embellish the streets of vehicles and characters.


– 1 town preset scene by night
– 1 render preset by night
– 1 town preset daylight
– 1 render preset daylight
– 1 iray mat building by night
– 1 iray mat building daylight
– 1 building block prop
– 1 road prop
– 1 ground prop
– 35 textures maps

1/ Go to >Props>PowerX>RedLightDistrict
2/ Load at your conveniance, the daylight or by night scene set
3/ Load corresponding render preset. Choose the camera view (4 cameras in the scene)

Iray shaders only.

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